Celebrating 25 years of service!

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary of serving students and clients worldwide! 
It has been an amazing two and a half decades and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to continue to deliver exceptional transformational training, certification, and facilitation for your evolutionary journey!

Upcoming Classes

The Crystal Initiate Program (online)

(formerly the Becoming the Human Crystal program)

Two open group call times (you can choose to attend either on any given meeting day): 12pm or 6pm Pacific time (Los Angeles)

Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Workshop

(in Sedona)
(in British Columbia, Canada)
(in  Glastonbury, England)

Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification Training Program (online & in Sedona)

EFT Levels 1 & 2 Certification Workshop (in Sedona)

Ongoing Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Crystal Clear Transformation

Discover the deep blockages, beliefs, karma and trauma that is creating resistance to manifesting your potential and clear them! 

Heal Your Money

Heal your relationship with money, increase your income, and clear frustration, shame and guilt around your financial manifestations. Increase your business, eradicate self-sabotage and successfully create the life of your dreams! When abundance work and law of attraction are not working, it’s time to heal your money paradigm!

Crystal Resonance Therapy Graduate Mentorship

Break through barriers in your business with our ongoing mentorship program for graduates of the Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification Training Program. 

Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner Mentorship

Break through barriers in your business with our ongoing mentorship program for graduates of the PAHT Certification Training. 

Ongoing Classes- Join Anytime!

The Crystal Ally Card Reading Master Class

Learn to do professional, ethical, accurate intuitive readings with the creator & author of the best-selling Crystal Ally Cards

The Infinite Abundance Program

A self-guided, in-depth exploration of The Little Book of Infinite Abundance: A 30 Day Course in healing abundance consciousness. Join Samaya in the process of healing your abundance consciousness through daily videos and exercises, chapter study, and a bonus Heal Your Money mini-course!






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Looking for Naisha Ahsian?

Naisha Ahsian changed her name to Samaya K. Aster in 2019. Different name, same great teacher! You can see a video about Naisha’s name change by clicking here.

Gaia Consciousness Report

Samaya’s monthly report on the energies of Gaia over the current lunar cycle. 


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What our students are saying…

I sought Samaya’s courses having completed a two year ACHO approved diploma course in the U.K. My reason for doing so was that through the diploma I had come to realize that my relationship with crystals and stones had opened up to a deep  appreciation of their significance. I wanted a teacher that could help me understand that significance further. I found such a teacher in Samaya…I am  indebted to Samayas work and grateful that she exists in this paradigm shift which we are presently within. She  offers a vehicle for enhancing the conscious exploration and expansion between humans and stones to the point that one can actually feel the embodiment of crystal frequencies within ones own organismic self.
Lynne McDermott, UK
Lynne McDermott, UKThe Crystal Conversation
Thank you again Samaya – for an amazing Course!!!…I got a lot out of this and feel it is helping me already!!! I’m still benefiting from the course, and am happy I made the decision to take it! The things that I learned have definitely been a big help to me in how I work with crystals.
Carol Higeli, Ontario
Carol Higeli, Ontario
It has been a journey. I’m so honored and so blessed to have you as a teacher.  You are incredible and I’ve grown so much over these past years because of this work.  Infinite thank you’s and this has been a dream come true…really.  My deepest gratitude from my soul to yours!
Nicholas Pepe, Thailand
Nicholas Pepe, Thailandwww.NicholasPepe.com
I am grateful that Spirit guided me to this process, which builds upon and supports the healing that I am already doing with my other healers and my established spiritual practices. The course has deepened by ability to engage in profound inner healing work with the support of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Storm, and of course, the Crystal Allies. Thank you!
Mary Jo Feely, RN, HTCP, RMT, CCH
Mary Jo Feely, RN, HTCP, RMT, CCHwww.4thdimensionhealing.com
Thanks Naisha for creating this program and for facilitating it in an interdependent style. I have learnt how to discern what is spiritual and what is not. I appreciate that you have combined the scientific and spiritual together which resonates with me. I can now see why my guides guided me to this course. Namaste
Daniella C.
Daniella C.
This energy work class is worth the time.
Samaya is a trail blazer and continues to change as she gets ideas and studies them. She stays current with new discoveries to keep her practice and students up-to-date. This takes a lot of energy but she does it anyway because she is authentic in her caring.
She cares about students’ success and includes topics like business, money, and successful practices.
I find Samaya’s classes to be well developed and multi-dimensional through technology, real-world experience, science, and curiosity.
Brenda Francis
Brenda Franciswww.artistgems.com