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The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition Boxed Set

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The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition by Samaya K. Aster (as Naisha Ahsian) is a beautiful boxed set of crystal cards that can be used for divination, meditation, and healing. Learn to connect with the devic beings that oversee the mineral kingdom– the Crystal Allies– as you consult them regarding any aspect or area of your life and experience! 

This beautiful boxed set includes:
  • 75 powerful visionary crystal cards for meditation, divination and healing. 
  • A 236 page guide book and card carrying case
  • New layouts developed by Samaya to provide the most accurate and in-depth readings possible
  • Free access to downloadable guided meditations to lead you through the processes of choosing your cards and layouts

Each card in The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition incorporates a photograph of the stones into Samaya’s powerful illustrations, to help you to enter into a state of resonance with teh energy and conciousness of that Crystal Ally. Whether you are using the cards to explore current situations in your life, for pathworking, or to receive guidance about your future, The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition can help you to gain valuable insight. You can even use the cards to choose the appropriate stones for crystal healing layouts for self-healing or in your healing sessions with others!

In 1994 I created The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self-Knowledge as a way for people to learn to connect with the wisdom of the mineral kingdom and Gaia consciousness, beyond simple prescriptive stone use. The book became a best-seller as people around the world discovered the power of a direct connection with the mineral kingdom!

In 2017 I released The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition  to address the evolution of the mineral kingdom and the evolution of our collective spiritual understanding in two decades since the original deck was released. With 21 additional stones (70 total), recreated high-definition visionary art, and a completely re-written guidebook, The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition reflects the updated energies and knowledge that I have gained over the last 25 years since its inception. 

-Samaya K. Aster

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