Spiritual growth allows us to be more conscious, compassionate, and productive people. Through self-inquiry and personal development we discover what we have come to Earth to learn, and what we have come here to contribute. We believe that empowered spiritual work helps one to continually cultivate the expression of one’s best self through one’s actions and behaviors, words and energy. Spiritual development techniques and practices are most valuable when they help us to be more present, self-empowered and responsible for ourselves and our lives. Ultimately, spirituality is not meant to be an escape from this level of being. Instead, it is a way of being more conscious and empowered in fulfilling what you came to Earth to learn and to do. As each of us awakens to our own spiritual authority and responsibility, we can heal ourselves, support others in their healing process and together co-create a balanced and healthy world.

We strive to develop processes, techniques, and spiritual tools that help you to heal, evolve and empower yourself to become more of who you truly are. Everything that we teach has developed from our own personal healing journey, and our work in facilitating others on theirs. We encourage you to ask questions, use your discernment and cultivate a balanced approach to your spiritual growth and your world service. We are honored to assist you in cultivating your inner toolbox for that journey!

Samaya K. Aster

Director & Primary Instructor
Sedona, Arizona
Samaya began her personal healing journey in 1988 when she became certified in massage therapy. In massage school, she experienced her first crystal healing. It was a life-changing experience that propelled her forward on her path of working with and learning about crystal consciousness and the mineral kingdom. Through years of dedicated research, study and practice, Samaya developed Crystal Resonance Therapy to address many of the issues present in popular crystal healing and vibrational healing approaches. She is also the developer of the Primus Activation Healing Technique, which is the energy healing foundation for Crystal Resonance Therapy. These two modalities have proven to be extremely effective in activating and supporting personal healing and spiritual growth.
Samaya is the author of several best-selling books (under the name Naisha Ahsian), including; The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self-Knowledge and The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution EditionThe Little Book of Infinite Abundance, and co-author of The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach. She is also the editor of Crystal Resonance Magazine: A Journal of Crystal Healing Modalities. She is currently working on a new series of books on Gaia and Crystal Consciousness. She continues to practice her healing work and offers consultations in Sedona and worldwide via Zoom. 

Rachel Buskie

CRTh, PAHT Inst.

British Colmbia, Canada

A long term crystal collector, a copy of the ‘Book of Stones’ found its way to me, and suddenly I was hooked on crystal frequencies – sensing my way around the subtle threads of energy to understand the tonal differences of minerals, and how they made me feel. During the course of 2-years, my plate-sized collection of rocks grew to fill half a room. At that point I realized something more needed to be accomplished. So I committed to the ‘Becoming a Human Crystal’ course with the Crystals Institute, went on to do the ‘Primus’ workshop, and then the ‘Clinical Crystal Resonance Therapist’ registration. 
I started my Crystal Resonance Therapy practice in 2015 and love my work. Not because I have a passion for healing as such – its more because my crystals appear to really enjoy running the energies. ‘Wind on Water’ is based in Victoria, B.C. and I can be contacted at: windonwater@mail.com  
With tremendous gratitude to Samaya, I delivered my first Primus workshop in 2016 and find teaching this Heart Activation Technique deeply rewarding. I am super excited to be planning Primus workshops in Victoria, B.C. Canada in 2020; and am looking at the potential of a Glastonbury based UK workshop during April of 2021.  

Dr. Tevia Chiert

PsyD, M.S.W, CRTh, PAHT Instr., Reiki Master Teacher

Florida, USA

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist, a Primus Activation Healing Technique Instructor and practitioner, and a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner. My passion is doing and teaching vibrational healing work. My passion is also serving others in their personal transformation using whatever modality is best for that person. I live with my crystals, my dog, two gongs and a pyramid. It’s a beautiful life!