Personal Healing & Spiritual Growth Programs

The Crystal Initiate Program

A six-month facilitated spiritual growth and personal healing journey with crystals and the elemental forces of nature. Learn from stones, instead of learning about stones, as you develop your intuitive ability and heal body, mind and spirit. Bi-weekly group meetings and daily meditation and homework practice to progressively heal your life.

Crystal Clear Transformation

Choose private or group coaching to progressively clear and heal every level of your life using Crystal Clear EFT. Based upon the model of the elements of nature and their impact upon the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. Clear your blockages and clear your life!

Heal Your Money Paradigm

Choose private or group coaching to specifically locate and heal shadow energies you are carrying in your subconscious and nervous system around money. This is not an abundance program, nor is it about the law of attraction. This program is specifically about healing your money paradigm so that you can experience greater ease and joy in manifesting and managing your wealth.

Crystalis Institute's programs are powerful.

It is recommended that you not be taking any other programs while participating in one of our classes or coaching programs. This allows you to fully focus your attention and the required time on the program practices. These are not light and fluffy programs! We encourage you to spend time with your inner self to feel out if you are ready to commit to the level of work and change these programs require before you enroll. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to schedule a General Information Call!

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