Healing Certification Training

Certification in three powerful vibrational healing modalities…

If you are serious about your healing path, we are serious about teaching you! 
Learn from professional healers with decades of real-world experience in the somatic & vibrational healing arts. 

Primus Activation Healing

Next-level vibrational therapy combining science & spirit for a profound healing experience

Primus Activation Healing Technique is a powerful, non-invasive, hands-on vibrational modality that is unique. It is based upon cutting edge information on how the body generates and processes biophotonic energy, and cutting edge science on human electromagnetic coherence. 

Primus is currently only taught as a hands-on workshop that is offered in multiple locations and at multiple times throughout the year. Direct experience of the energy is necessary to entrain the nervous system and to evaluate the practitioner’s training. 



Crystal Resonance Therapy

We don’t teach crystal healing. 

We teach Crystal Resonance Therapy!


Crystal Resonance Therapy is a clinical vibrational healing modality incorporating minerals and other sources of vibrational energy to provide true vibrational therapy for the client. 

CRT specifically and deeply addresses the client’s unique energy imbalances using a proprietary system of application and analysis to lead the client on an ongoing healing journey with clear objectives and mile posts along the way. Unlike one-off “chakra balancing” sessions, this modality enables the therapist and client to reach deeper layers and resolve chronic energy patterns and blocks. 


E. F. T.

One of the most effective and evidenced body-mind healing modalities available

E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques aka ‘tapping’) is a body-mind healing modality that is based upon the stimulation of the end points of the meridian system through tapping. As these points are tapped upon, the practitioner guides the client through specific techniques to find the roots of, and clear, the energetic and emotional references held in the body. 

This modality is used by the US Veteran’s Administration hospitals as a proven mind-body therapy that can treat and potentially cure PTSD and associated trauma from war-time experience. It is highly effective for many somatic and mind-centered issues. 

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