Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Training

2020 Workshops

Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Workshop

(in Sedona, AZ USA)
with Samaya Aster
(in British Columbia, Canada)
with Rachel Buskie
  • Victoria, Vancouver Island – October 3rd & 4th 2020

To enroll, or for further information in this workshop, please email the instructor directly.

(in  Glastonbury, England)
with Rachel Buskie
  • Glastonbury, UK – April 24th & 25th 2021
Energy Medicine Professional Association - Insured Practitioner

Graduates of our program may be eligible for membership in and insurance through the Energy Medicine Professional Association.

The Heart of Healing

A two-day, hands-on, in-person certification workshop.

The Primus Activation Healing Technique is a profound energy healing modality that allows both beginner and advanced healing practitioners from all modalities to utilize the power of the heart’s energetic field in healing and in the evolution of humanity. This unique energy therapy utilizes specific techniques to synchronize the brain and the heart, creating a powerful energetic field to emanate from the PAHT facilitator. This field is then transferred to the recipient through the use of  meditative techniques and progressive hands-on healing positions.

Primus was designed to be used as a stand-alone healing modality, but it can also be combined with any other healing technique to enhance that technique’s effectiveness. For instance, many Reiki masters have taken the Primus Healing certification and it has been dubbed “Turbo Reiki” because of its ability to greatly enhance Reiki’s power and amplitude.

Primus State ensures that the practitioner is in the perfect healing state, and so increases the power of any other energy modality used while in that state. Many of our graduates are Reiki Masters and Teachers, who use Primus to increase the power of their Reiki sessions. Primus is also the foundation for effective Crystal Healing, as it ensures close resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The Primus Activation Healing Technique is supported by sound scientific theory and research, as well as spirituality. Science teaches us the basic physics of energy and energy transference, the physiology of the human body and how the body processes energy, and the proper energetic, emotional and physiological state for a healer to maintain to ensure effective energy transference. Spirituality teaches us the sublime states of consciousness that are accessible when the physical body is in the proper vibrational state.

This certification workshop has no prerequisites and can be taken at any point. 

The PAHT certification is itself a prerequisite to go on to the Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification Training Program. 


– The current understanding of energy from the perspective of scientific inquiry, including important information on the heart and brain as energy oscillators, biophotonic research, and the physiological and biological impacts of electromagnetism.

– The role of the nervous system(s) in vibrational healing.

– The physical law of resonance and how it affects humans and energy fields.

– Specific meditative techniques to reach the Primus State, a state for optimum healing and spiritual expansion.

– The 12 Breathes Technique, which allows the practitioner to reach and maintain the Primus State easily.

– Utilizing the Primus State as a spiritual and self-healing practice.

– Chi exercises to stimulate the flow of energy in preparation for healing practice.

– Applying the Primus State in healing facilitation with others, including;

– How to facilitate a full Primus Activation Healing Technique session with the recipient in either the seated or prone position.

– Hands-on practice.

– How to guide a recipient in reaching the Primus State as a meditation coach.

– How to integrate Primus techniques with other energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and crystal healing.

– How the Primus State affects our ability to evolve, both individually and as a species.

– Distance healing practices using Primus.

Certification as a Certified Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner (PAHT Pract.) requires full attendance at and participation in a 2 day hands-on workshop by a qualified instructor.  After the workshop participants will have 30 days to complete an open-book exam, which must be submitted for correction to the instructor. A passing grade on the exam will then qualify the participant for certification and a certificate will be issued. 

The cost of the Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Workshop is $500.

Travel to and from, lodging and meals are not included and are arrangement is the responsibility of the attendee. 

What’s the difference between Primus healing and Reiki?

‘Reiki’ is a general term that is used to describe all of the branches of vibrational healing that have developed out of the original practice of energy transference developed by Dr. Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. The energy transferred in a Reiki session is meant to be ‘Universal life force energy’. The practitioner is generally attuned to this energy through a ceremony that includes specific symbols being put into their aura to enable them to receive this energy and channel it. Over the years Reiki has become very diverse and there are many branches now in which symbols that were not part of the original attunment are used or, in some cases, no attunement or training at all is done. Because Reiki has become so diversified and non-standardized, it is now a very general term that can mean different things, depending upon the particular branch of Reiki being practiced. 

PAHT requires the practitioner themselves to be in a particular state (Primus state), which is measurable and verifiable. This state triggers the physical body and the bioenergy fields to move into optimum states for healing and repair, stress recovery, and activation of the parts of the brain that are responsible for higher thinking and spiritual experience. The resulting state is also a state in which ‘Universal life-force energy’ is accessible because that is the natural optimal state of the body and energy field. The practitioner maintains this state throughout the healing session with very specific mental and emotional focus, to ensure the proper state is also triggered in the client. This transference is based upon the physical laws that govern energy, such as the law of resonance.

Many PAHT Practitioners are also practitioners of other healing modalities, such as Reiki. Since PAHT supports optimal healing and repair on all levels, it can be used with any other healing modality and increases the effectiveness of those modalities. It is also a very powerful healing modality in its own right. 

Is this available online? 

No. Primus Activation Healing is only available through Crystalis Institute and its qualified trainers in workshop format in person. This is how we maintain the quality of the teaching and prevent dilution of the modality. PAHT is a hands-on modality and assessment of practitioners includes assessment of their table practice and the maintenance of Primus State during sessions. While the information and basic techniques could be taught online, the assessment is a critical part of knowing whether a practitioner can reach and maintain Primus state during a session. Another very important reason for doing the training in person is so that the student can actually receive Primus healing and experience it themselves, before doing it to others. Groups also create a louder resonant field of energy, so the Primus State and its resulting energy can be felt and imprinted on the nervous system during the hands-on workshop in a way that could not happen through online training. 

With that said, graduates of the program do have access to the online training part of the program, which includes information on the practice, meditation training, and background information. This is to enrich the practitioner’s knowledge and understanding of their modality, but is not a substitute for in-person, hands-on healing training. 


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