Coaching & Mentoring Programs

Graduate Mentoring Programs

For our Certified Crystal Resonance Therapists (CRTh) and Primus Activation Healing Technique Pracitioners (PAHT Pract.).

Being a healing facilitator is not a job, it is a calling and a lifestyle. There are many considerations that are often not taken into account when you’re stepping out on this path. Having a mentor who is a professional healing facilitator and has been through that process can be invaluable in helping you to accelerate your progress and success in your healing career. There is much more to a successful, ethical, balanced practice than just marketing!

Through our graduate mentorship programs, graduates of our healing certification programs can continue to receive the personal support they enjoyed during their training program, as well as making new connections with colleagues who are on the same path.

Crystal Clear Transformation

Choose private or group coaching to progressively clear and heal every level of your life through the Crystal Clear Transformation coaching program. This structured program has proven processes that ensure that you explore and address every aspect of your life experience. Identify and clear the subconscious patterns that are driving your current experience, and install new patterns to shift to greater heights! 

Heal Your Money Paradigm

Choose private or group coaching to specifically locate and heal shadow energies you are carrying in your subconscious and nervous system around money. This is not another abundance program, nor is it about the law of attraction. This program is specifically about healing your money paradigm so that you can experience greater ease and joy in manifesting and managing your wealth. 

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