Heal Your Money

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I help conscious entrepreneurs, healers and lightworkers who struggle with low income, resistance and blockages, self-sabotage, and negative feelings around money. I help them to increase their income, step out confidently onto their Path of Service, and heal their money paradigm so that they can bring their much needed light into the world in a much bigger way! 

“I don’t know, but I’ve been told 
it’s hard to run with the weight of gold.
On the other hand, I’ve heard it said
it’s just as hard with the weight of lead.”


New Speedway Boogie

Abundance energy & money are different things.

I know, it’s not ‘spiritual’ to talk about money. Instead, we’re supposed to talk about abundance and just hope that the money sorts itself out. But, abundance energy and money are different things. You can practice abundance and not make more money. That is because money is not abundance energy. Instead, it is a symbol that represents whatever energy you have been taught to give it. There is no such thing as ‘vibrating with the energy of money’, because money can have many, many different energies. 

If you are conscious, grateful, and focused on abundance, but you still struggle with aspects of your money, then chances are the energy you have assigned to money on a subconscious level is full of shadows that are driving you away from it. 

You see, your conscious mind is only 15% of your mind. Your subconscious level is 85% percent. 

When you practice positive thinking you can change that 15% on the conscious level, but that does not necessarily change the underlying 85%! If you are holding negative beliefs, vows, rules, trauma, or emotions around money in that 85% of your mind, that is easily going to overtake the positive 15% and create huge resistance to manifesting the money you need and want to support your path.

Not everyone has shadows around money on their subconscious level. For them, positive thinking, visualizing and focus is enough to increase their financial flow because they don’t have this huge countering energy hiding in their mind and nervous system, working against their conscious intention. You may look around and see people using the law of attraction to radically change their money situation and wonder, “what am I doing wrong?” or even, “What is wrong with me?”

If you have really worked on your abundance consciousness, use positive thinking and have ‘tried everything’ to make more money but are still unable to do so, you may have underlying shadow energies on the subconscious level, which have become hard wired into your nervous system. Their energy is more than enough to counter and override your positive efforts, creating resistance and self-sabotage, and preventing you from taking the actions and making the decisions that could help you break through. It’s not that the law of attraction doesn’t work. These shadows are simply affecting your energy in a way that causes that law to manifest the shadows in your life as low income, high debt, fear of shining or taking on your path, or struggles with others around money. 

Before you can experience the financial abundance you know is possible, you will need to find and clear these shadows. I will help you to do that with a proven process to identify, clear and rewire you, so that you can finally heal your money paradigm and shine your light more fully! 


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