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2020 Sale!

Save 20% on any course using cryptocurrency payment!

Which Crypto can I use?

We accept any cryptocurrency that is currently traded on the, Bittrex, Kracken, KuCoin, or Coinbase exchanges. Just email us with the name of the course you want to take, and which coin(s) you would like to use and we’ll send you an invoice with the wallet address and QR to use for your payment. 

I don't know how to use cryptocurrency, but I want the discount! How do I do it?

Learning how to safely purchase, store, and spend cryptocurrency is one of the most important things you can do for your financial well-being. The world is in the greatest wealth transfer it has ever seen in history. Cryptocurrency is a key part of that wealth transfer. 

Here is a video to get you started with cryptocurrency. 

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

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