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Get an intuitive reading with the creator of The Crystal Ally Cards and co-author of The Book of Stones.

Your Full Reading

A full reading with Samaya is the best place to start in order to gain a full understanding of your Soul path, your year, and any specific questions you wish to explore. It is a one-hour long, audio recorded session. The session includes:

Soul Path: 

Your gifts and lessons on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels; karmic patterns and totem stones. 

Annual Reading: 

A 12 month forecast of the energies that will be available to you for the upcoming year. This is based on a 12 month cycle, not a calendar year, so it can start anytime. You’ll find out the gifts and lessons of each season, along with the best stones for you to work with during that time. 

Focused Questions: 

If you still have specific questions at the end of the first two sections, you will have an opportunity to ask them in the third section. 


"I created The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self-Knowledge back in 1994 to help people connect with the guidance of the mineral kingdom. I've been doing intuitive readings with them ever since!

I believe in the co-creative approach to intuitive readings, not fatalism. When we are conscious of our co-creative capacity, we can use readings as road maps to determine how to work with the energies and master our lives."

Readings are done live over the phone or internet (Internet only outside the US). Use the link below to book your appointment for a reading with Samaya. 

Your Focused Reading

For returning clients, Samaya offers a Focused Reading option. This is a half hour session solely to explore a specific area or question that you have about your life. When you want an in-depth look at a relationship, job, health, or life issue, this half-hour session can help you gain clarity! 


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