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Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Transformation

Crystalis Institute was founded in 1994 by Naisha Ahsian for the purpose of offering quality educational programs and tools to light workers and healing facilitators worldwide. Our philosophy is one of quality over quantity. We believe strongly that training healers is much more important than simply offering information on healing techniques. Our programs reflect this dedication to ongoing personal development for those in the healing arts, and the continued evolution and improvement of the modalities we practice and teach.

The Institute currently offers certification in Crystal Resonance Therapy and Primus Activation Healing as well as programs and services for personal spiritual growth and personal evolution. Naisha also continues to offer workshops and seminars around the world.


Naisha Ahsian

Naisha Ahsian is the author of three books; The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge, The Infinite Abundance Program: A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness; and The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach (With Robert Simmons & Hazel Raven). She is the developer of the Socratic Subliminal technology and creator of both Crystal Resonance Therapy and The Primus Activation Healing Technique.

Naisha continues to personally teach many programs at the institute, in addition to maintaining her personal consultation and healing practices.

Our Instructors

Our instructors have been highly trained both in the subject they are teaching, as well as other disciplines they have studied. Many of our instructors have trained with Naisha in Crystal Resonance Therapy and The Primus Activation Healing Technique for several years. After their practitioner training, they undertake graduate studies and an apprenticeship before they are licensed to teach our courses. Licensing is reviewed annually, based upon student feedback. Our instructors have truly dedicated themselves to learning all they can about these powerful healing systems and the art of student facilitation, and have proven both their dedication and knowledge before being allowed to facilitate students. Below are our licensed instructors who are teaching courses in 2014.
Please Note: All training in our healing modalities is done through Crystalis Institute only. There are no independent teachers of this work. This ensures the quality of our training and our practitioners.

Carol Hendrickson

Becoming the Human Crystal Program

Carol is a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) and Instructor of the Becoming the Human Crystal program; an Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master and a Psych-K Facilitator.  Carol has a private practice and is a partner in a holistic healing group in coastal Georgia where she teaches classes and workshops, and works with a monthly energy sharing circle.

Beth Seiwell

Becoming the Human Crystal Program, Primus Activation Healing Technique

Beth  is a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist and instructor, Certified Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner and instructor, an Energy Healer and Intuitive, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and a yoga instructor. Beth has over a decade of experience in the Healing Arts and a thriving practice in North Eastern Pennsylvania.

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