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CI was founded in 1994 by best-selling author, healing facilitator and teacher, Naisha Ahsian. Our mission is to offer high quality, grounded, heart-centered transformational healing facilitation sessions, retreats, events and training programs in Sedona, AZ and online.


Our Mission:


Spiritual growth allows us to be more conscious, compassionate, and productive people. Through self-inquiry and personal development we discover what we have come to Earth to learn, and what we have come here to contribute. We believe that empowered spiritual work helps one to continually cultivate the expression of one's best self through one's actions and behaviors, words and energy. Spiritual development techniques and practices are most valuable when they help us to be more present, self-empowered and responsible for ourselves and our lives. Ultimately, spirituality is not meant to be an escape from this level of being. Instead, it is a way of being more conscious and empowered in fulfilling what you came to Earth to learn and to do. As each of us awakens to our own spiritual authority and responsibility, we can heal ourselves, support others in their healing process and together co-create a balanced and healthy world.


We strive to develop processes, techniques, and spiritual tools that help you to heal, evolve and empower yourself to become more of who you truly are. Everything that we teach has developed from our own personal healing journey, and our work in facilitating others on theirs. We encourage you to ask questions, use your discernment and cultivate a balanced approach to your spiritual growth and your world service. We are honored to assist you in cultivating your inner toolbox for that journey!

Naisha Ahsian - Sedona, AZ Director & Instructor Naisha Ahsian is the author of three books; The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge, The Little Book of Infinite Abundance: A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness; and The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach (With Robert Simmons & Hazel Raven). She is currently working on her fourth book, Crystal Resonance: The Science & Spirit Behind How Crystals Work. She is the developer of Socratic SubliminalsTM technology and creator of two vibrational healing modalities; Crystal Resonance TherapyTM and The Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM . Naisha personally teaches the Clinical Crystal Resonance TherapyTM Certification Training Program through the institute, as well as facilitating some Becoming the Human Crystal Programs and several Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM Certification Training Workshops each year. She is the primary healing facilitator and teacher at our office in Sedona, AZ.

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