Cleansing and Charging Crystals - sent to the list by James McKeon
Dear Friends,

From time to time I notice inquiries about cleansing and charging crystals! Here are some of our favorite techniques, many we have learned from other healers and crystal healing practitioners.

1. Aromatherapy: Rose Water, lavender water or Sandalwood water. Mist your stones with these to "clear" them of all patterns or earlier programming. You can make your own or buy pre-made brands. Never use synthetic or oil based aromatherapy products on stones. Only use water based products!
2. Breath: Our breath is a powerful tool for clearing day-to-day energies from crystals and stones. Just "blow" lightly on a stone while rotating them in your hand. Visualize a "fresh breath of air" cleansing away any unwanted energies! The teachers of the Cabbala have a long tradition of using the breath to cleanse crystals and gemstones!
3. Light: Place stable crystals and stones in a window sill to energize and cleanse a stone. Avoid placing pale Amethyst, Kunzite, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz in strong light as they may fade. Most other stones are not susceptible to color change or fading!
4. Sage: Burn sage, myrrh or frankincense for cleansing of larger specimens or to cleanse an area where many stones & crystals reside. This is an easy way to clear an entire area. I have large crystal specimens in my back yard, that we use in healing circles and always sage them after each use!
5. Intention: Our thoughts, feelings and intentions are very powerful and potent forces! We have the power through our thoughts, to program and cleanse the crystals and gemstones we work with. When I don't have a large specimen of Ruby or Emerald about, I will program a clear specimen of quartz along with a good quality small Ruby or Emerald, to assist me. It is a way of accessing the Crystal Matrix Sources within the Earth!

Happy Spring Crystal Cleaning!
Crystalline Love & Light
James McKeon
co-author of the AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards

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