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In past times, healers learned their craft and their calling by participating in an apprenticeship. They learned the nuts and bolts of healing techniques, but they also learned other skills that were of even greater importance. An apprentice would learn what goes on behind the demonstrable techniques. They would learn what happens inside the healer as they are working, and would be taught to cultivate their inner abilities and their relationships with their spiritual resources. They had time to integrate lessons through application and observation, analysis of their work and development of relationship with their healing guides and with their teacher. They would receive guidance from their mentor and be able to take advantage of that mentor's knowledge and experience.


Today, it is easy (and tempting) to take a quick and easy course that will teach you a technique and send you a piece of paper calling you a healer. But, being a healer with a calling isn’t about getting a piece of paper and learning a technique. It is about that deeper training. It is about being a healer, and that requires more than just a color-by-numbers approach.


Our healing programs are designed to cultivate the inner healer as well as to fully equip you for the outer role of healing facilitator. Our programs adopt the best of the ancient model of apprenticeship and the modern models of both internet based and in-person training. They are challenging because they are real training programs. We know our training programs work because we have been teaching and improving our healing certification programs since 1994. And, we don't just teach healing, we actually practice it; because it's our calling too.


If you feel you have a calling to be a healer and are looking for more than just a piece of paper, we look forward to connecting with you further about our programs. Please feel free to review the information on our website, then to email or call our office with any questions you may have. We wish you the brightest of blessings on your healing path!

The Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM is both a powerful vibrational healing modality and a personal spiritual growth practice that can be used alone or in combination with any other vibrational healing modality. Primus is firmly rooted in an understanding of how the human body is created to process electromagnetic energy (light). It requires the practitioner to enter and maintain a specific energetic and emotional state-- called the Primus State-- that triggers specific physiological and electromagnetic changes in the body and triggers healing and repair.


The Primus Activation Healing Technique is taught over the course of a two day, in-person workshop. As the group learns to generate and maintain this specific state, they also learn the nuts and bolts of how the human body actually processes energy (and how it doesn't). You learn best practices for facilitating any client in a vibrational healing session, including ethics and clinical deportment.


Upon completion of the two day workshop, you'll be asked to complete and return an open book exam that ensures you have read the full training manual. Upon successful completion of the exam, you'll be certified as a Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner (PAHT Pract.).

Crystal Resonance TherapyTM is not just a fancy name for crystal healing. It is truly different from other forms of crystal healing that are taught and practiced today. On the surface, a CRT session looks much like any other crystal healing session. Stones are placed on the body, and energy is moved and observed. But the difference in CRT is what is going on behind the scenes, like the 1000 hours of training a CRTh (Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist) receives over the course of almost two years.


CRT training involves three training modules. The first is the Becoming the Human Crystal Program. This gives the student a solid foundation in the science and spirit of energy, as well as taking them on a journey of self-healing so that they are better prepared to facilitate others. The second module is becoming certified in the Primus Activation Healing TechniqueTM. This is a vibrational healing technique that employs cutting edge information on the physiology of energy processing, as well as the physics of how energy actually works. It also allows the practitioner to begin their energy healing journey as a certified therapist. The third module of study is the year long Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification Training. This level builds upon the other two and goes much deeper into the theory and practice of clinical crystal healing.


There are certainly faster and easier ways to learn some form of crystal healing. But, there isn't a better way. Our program has been continually developed for over 20 years to bring you the best in evidence based and spiritually based healing training. Explore the difference!

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