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At Crystalis Institute we don't only teach healing techniques. Our training programs address the whole healer. Whether you are seeking a deeper connection with your own spirit and the mineral kingdom, or a fully qualified certification in vibrational or crystal healing, we have a program that will exceed your needs and expectations. That is why our program is one of the most respected crystal healing training programs in the world. It is rigorous, intensive, fully facilitated, and paradigm shifting.

Our full program includes three modules. The Becoming the Human Crystal program can be taken as a stand-alone training in intensive personal spiritual growth and self-healing. This level is appropriate for anyone who wishes to deepen their connection with the mineral kingdom and their own Soul. The Primus Activation Healing Techique Certification training is a comprehensive, hands-on vibrational healing modality that is the basis for our professional Crystal Resonance Therapy training. It is appropriate for anyone who wishes to practice vibrational healing, or who wishes to increase the effectiveness of other modalities they may already practice. Our final training program is the Crystal Resonance Therapy certification training. This level allows graduates of the first two training programs to pursue certification as a professional crystal healing practitioner. Click on the program title below to further explore each of our training levels.


  • Becoming the Human Crystal

    A Personal Evolutionary Journey

     The Becoming the Human Crystal program is a personal spiritual journey that leads one into deeper resonance with the mineral kingdom, the natural elemental forces of nature, and one's own Higher Self and life path. Over the course of six months, students work with progressive levels of energy through meditation, self-reflection, crystal resonance and other tools, to gain a deeper understanding of their purpose, lessons and soul path. The result is greater understanding and mastery of on'es own life purpose, combined with a firm foundation in effective psychic and energy work.


    The process of Becoming the Human Crystal is one of self-discovery, self-healing and self-mastery. It requires a willingness to look deeply at your personal gifts and lessons in order to move beyond healing and into a process of personal and spiritual evolution. Becoming the Human Crystal means becoming that which you already are-- an empowered, aware and conscious being that has the tools and skills to overcome blockages, imbalances and self-imposed limitations. It is a process of empowerment and of self-mastery.


    Crystals, Stones and Beyond

     Most people want to study Naisha's work in order to learn about the properties of crystals and stones. You may have read The Book of Stones and been drawn to Naisha's information. But, learning about crystals and stones is a process that is much deeper than memorizing what one author has to say about them. In fact, to truly meet a stone's energy and consciousness, you may find you need to unlearn what others have taught you about the crystal, and instead learn to discern for yourself what that stone has to communicate to you.


    This training program will teach you to effectively resonate with a stone, access your own intuitive information and develop your own relationship with crystals and stones. When you are done with this course you will be able to pick up any crystal or stone and receive your own communications and impressions. You will learn to develop a relationship with your stones, instead of using them as magic pills or energy slaves. And, you will learn to develop and trust your own heart-based intuition and inner knowing. These skills will serve you far beyond interactions with crystals and stones. They will make you more effective in your psychic ability, healing ability, and your ability to receive guidance from your own Higher Self and guides.


    Crystals and stones are incredibly powerful energy oscillators and teachers. But just using them as prescriptive "pills" is not effective or empowering. Carrying or wearing a stone does little for you if you don't work with its energy consciously. The Becoming The Human Crystal program will teach you to develop your ability to truly work with the stones in accordance with physics and with Spirit. These experiences will help you to understand what stones to work with to heal your own imbalances or blockages, and to open you to your personal evolution.


    In addition to learning about and working with crystals, you will learn to apply the same processes to receiving guidance and psychic information; working with the elemental forces of nature to promote balance, healing and growth; and meeting and developing your relationship with your personal guides. This is a program that goes deeply into how to work with the mineral kingdom, and also far beyond it.


    Six Lessons in Six Months

    When you commit to the Becoming the Human Crystal program, you are committing to a six month intensive journey of sef-inquiry, study and transformation. This process will test your commitment to your own transformation by revealing to you where you are out of balance, where you are limiting yourself, and where you need to step up and own your gifts in order to truly walk your path. It will teach you to trust yourself, develop your abilities and question your old beliefs. It will help you to polish the diamond of your Soul so that you can see your own light, and understand where to shine it in the world.


    Over the course of six lessons you will work with progressive frequency sets through an intensive program of meditative practice. These frequency sets will help you to develop the skills to embody the full spectrum of energy available to humans at this time. They will push your buttons to help you to see where you need to heal in order to move forward. And, they will challenge your belief systems to help you understand where you need to evolve in order to take on your highest path. These frequency sets will allow you to progressively clear and empower your Human Crystal-- your body, energy systems, and emotions-- so that you can take your life to the next level.


    You will also learn science-based information on the physics of energy, how and why crystals and stones work in healing and consciousness, and how to use the laws of physics to become more effective in your psychic and spiritual development. This information is presented in a clear, contextual way that will allow you to gain personal experience-- not just memorize facts.


    Each lesson is presented with a study and meditation plan to allow you to structure your time more effectively. This study plan will tell you which meditations to complete, which sections to read in the text, and what homework assignment to complete on a weekly basis. By closely following this study plan you will be able to complete the course in six months.


    A Facilitated Journey

    When you undertake a journey of transformation like this one, it is critical to have support. In the BHC program, you will meet with a group of students and your instructor twice a month for online class. During this time you can discuss any questions you have about the information or the processes, and you will have the opportunity to learn from others as they share their personal experiences of evolution. Online classes are held through, allowing for audio and video presentations and discussion.


    In addition to the bi-weekly meetings online, you will also have a private folder on our student board. This secure and private folder will be your personal area for asking questions or sharing experiences or comments. You can communicate with your instructor at any time through Skype, your folder, or by setting up a telephone conference. This is definitely not a "correspondence course", where you are sent information and never heard from again. This course requires participation and offers facilitation. It is distance learning-- not correspondence.




    What is included?

    The Becoming the Human Crystal program includes everything you will need to complete. There are no additional charges or costs for any materials or support. You will receive:

    6 lessons by email, 1 per month.

    19 Audio downloads including all meditations and exercises necessary for the course, plus 3 webinar video downloads.

    25 crystals and stones

    Bi-weekly conference webinars online

    Private student folder

    6 months of instructor facilitation, including phone and email support


    Is this a certification course in Crystal Resonance Therapy?

    No. The Becoming the Human Crystal program is a prerequisite for enrollment in the clinical level of Crystal Resonance Therapy training program, but it is not itself a certification course and is for personal healing and development only. You will not be taught to use crystals and stones in healing sessions with others in this level of the course. In order to be an effective crystal healer, you will need to develop the skills taught in this level, which is why it is a prerequisite for clinical CRT training.


    How much time will this take?

    This is NOT a light and fluffy course!!! You will need to have one hour a day, 5 days a week, available for the various meditations. In addition, you'll need approximately 2.5 hours per week available for additional reading and homework assignments. This is a significant commitment to self-development, and it will require consistent effort to complete successfully.


    How long are the calls?

    The bulk of course work is completed on your own in the weeks between class calls. The class calls are for discussion of the materials and your experiences in working through the lessons. Calls are scheduled for 1 hour, but may run shorter or a hair longer depending on the questions that people bring with them to class. These calls are not instruction calls, but are discussion calls. As such, they require your participation. Calls cannot be recorded and sent to you later.


    Calls are scheduled for every other week, for approximately 1 hour per call.


    What if I want to go on to the CRT Clinical Training?

    In order to take the clinical level of training in Crystal Resonance Therapy you will need to have successfully completed this level of training, plus attend a Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Training weekend. These two preliminary trainings build the foundation upon which the CRT clinical work is based. Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification Training weekends are held regularly by Naisha in Vermont.


    To apply to the Level 2 training, you will need to have a recommendation from your Becoming the Human Crystal level instructor who has facilitated you through this course. This recommendation includes a log of attendance at all of the online conferences, timely submission of homework assignments, and completion of the course in the allotted 6 months. Your homework from this level, along with your certification in PAHT, will then be submitted in application for the level 2 training. If these prerequisites are met, then you will be enrolled in the Level 2 training for the next available group after your enrollment request is received.



    What if I don't want to do the CRT Clinical training? Can I just do this level for my own learning?

    Yes! This is a stand alone course that was specifically designed for you to use to gain greater personal awareness, balance and mastery. If you are not interested in becoming a healer or Crystal Resonance Therapist specifically, then you can still take this level of the training. You will still be facilitated for 6 months and will be able to attend the online webinars and have your own private folder.


    I am already a crystal/energy healer. Can I test out of this first level and go directly into CRT Clinical Training?

    No. The Becoming the Human Crystal program and Primus Activation Healing Technique training are mandatory for application to CRT Clinical Training. This work is very different from what is commonly taught and it is critical that everyone who undertakes certification in CRT has the same foundational training. Much of the information and experience in this first level is necessary for understanding and integrating the CRT Clinical Training.


    What is the cost of the training?

    The cost of the Becoming the Human Crystal program is $800 plus shipping costs with one of our highly trained instructors. Courses with Naisha as the instructor are $1200 plus shipping. Paypal offers a payment plan through their "Bill Me Later" service for U.S. students. To enroll, please choose your start date and complete payment. Upon completion of payment, you will be taken to a page with a link to download your registration form. Unfortunately, the Bill Me Later program is not available for students outside the U.S. Classes meet every other week on the same day and at the same time as your start date, so please choose the day and time that works best for you. All times listed are Eastern U.S. time. Please take into account any changes for your time zone.




    Please click here to see our 2014 schedule, and to register for a class.


  • The Primus Activation Healing Technique

    Primus Activation Healing

    A 2 Day Healing Certification Workshop


    The Primus Activation Healing Technique is a profound energy healing modality that allows both beginner and advanced healing practitioners from all modalities to utilize the power of the heart's energetic field in both healing and the current evolution of humanity.


    The technique is based upon sound scientific theory that teaches us the basic physics of energy and energy transference, the physiology of the human body and how the body processes energy, and the proper energetic, emotional and physiological state for a healer to maintain to ensure effective energy transference.


    The Primus Activation Healing Technique  utilizes specific techniques to synchronize the brain and heart, creating a powerful energetic field to emanate from the PAHT facilitator. This field is then transferred to the recipient through the physical law of resonance, using meditative techniques and progressive hands-on healing positions.


    The Primus Activation Healing Technique was designed to be used as a stand-alone healing modality, but it can also be combined with any other healing technique to enhance their effectiveness. Many of our graduates are Reiki Masters and Teachers, who use Primus to increase the power of their Reiki sessions. Primus is also the foundation for effective Crystal Healing.


    Primus is based on the physiology of the body and the way in which humans process and generate energy. It is both provable and measurable with currently available technology. This sets it apart from other vibrational healing modalities that produce only measurable relaxation. The fact that it is science based and provable makes it a valuable asset to energy healers who wish to practice in more clinical or medical settings.


    Primus is foundational for clinical studies in Crystal Resonance Therapy. It greatly enhances work with stones and with Spirit by activating the specific parts of the brain and body that process these energies. In this two-day certification workshop, participants will learn:


    The basics of the heart/brain model

    The physical law of resonance and how it affects energy fields

    The emerging model of human energetics based upon the heart/brain framework

    Specific meditative techniques to reach the Primus State, a state for optimum healing and spiritual expansionÂ

    The 12 Breathes technique, which allows the practitioner to reach and maintain the Primus state easily

    Utilizing the Primus state for personal spiritual growth

    Chi exercises to stimulate the flow of energy in preparation for healing practice

    Applying the Primus state in healing facilitation, including;

    How to facilitate a full Primus Activation session with the recipient in either the seated or prone position

    Hands-on facilitation practice

    How to guide a recipient in reaching the Primus state

    How to integrate Primus techniques with other energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and crystal healing

    How the Primus State effects our ability to evolve both individually and as a species

    Utilizing the Primus state to enhance spiritual practice, learning, relationships and other aspects of life


    All participants that successfully complete the two day training and certification exam will receive certification as a Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner (PAHT pract.) through the Crystalis Institute.


    Cost per student $500.00 USD. Payment plans are available through PayPal's "Bill Me Later" program for U.S. students. Please select this option upon checkout if you wish to pay over time through Paypal. The "Bill Me Later" program is not available for students outside the U.S.


    Please Click Here to see our 2014 schedule, and to register for a class.


  • Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification

    A One Year Professional Certification Training Program


    Prerequisites: Successful completion of both the Becoming the Human Crystal Program and certification in the Primus Activation Healing Technique are required. NO EXCEPTIONS. Clinical training in CRT is very different from other crystal training programs, so you cannot "test out" or skip the fundamentals because you have worked with crystals before, or have done other training programs. You literally cannot do the clinical level training without the unique information and experience gathered in the first two levels of training.


    The clinical level of the Crystal Resonance Therapyâ„¢ Certification Training Course is specifically for those who wish to become competent and ethical practicing vibrational healers. It builds upon the personal work of the Becoming the Human Crystal Program and enables you to learn to apply that work in a clinical setting. Working with crystal allies in stones layouts, arrays and grids, with the assistance of elemental allies, you will learn to facilitate clients in their own healing process and educate them to empower themselves.


    The course is structured with 10 clinical lessons and a 25 session practicum. Students will complete the instructional and clinical lessons over the course of 10 months, then will attend a three day hands-on retreat with their group for further practical instruction. After the retreat, students will have two months to complete remaining practicum sessions, with the full course and all requirements to be completed in one year. After successful completion of course requirements, students will be certified by Naisha and Crystalis Institute as a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (Cert. CRTh).


    The structure of the course is much like that of the Becoming the Human Crystal Program, with the addition of practical hands-on healing sessions throughout the course and the required attendance at the retreat and completion of the practicum. You can expect to spend approximately 10 - 15 hours per week on course work. Instead of two required calls per month, however, there will be one mandatory call per month plus one optional study-hall to facilitate your course work and practical sessions.


    This course requires hand-on practice with two separate practice bodies (mock clients). You will need to have these mock clients organized and committed to receiving one session per month each. This will allow you to develop two separate case histories for comparison and analysis. Additional mock clients for practicum sessions will also be needed for the second half of the course (Clinical lessons 7-10).


    What you will learn:

    Crystal Theory & Technique

    The Theory & Technique module of the course is designed to give you the underlying information and theory about CRT and the practical techniques of applying that theory.


        Healing room preparation & setup

        Client intake

        Practioner & client preparation

        Session structure and processes

        Scanning and assessment techniques

        Laying-on-of-stones techniques

        Elemental balancing techniques

        Arrays and grids as applied to healing sessions

        Bridging and linking techniques with quartz crystals

        Application of elemental energies and stone energies via vibrational channeling (full body resonance)

        EN process faciliation (guiding clients through meditations in session)

        Session wrap-up


    Clinical Technical Analysis

    The CRTh ability to competently analyze a session is the key to the effectiveness of CRT over other crystal healing modalities. Clinical session analysis gives you huge insight into the deeper patterns at play in a client's energy field, body and life experience. It is an invaluable guide to planning treatment and facilitating your client in learning to manage their inherent imbalances.


        Identifying elemental imbalances, polarities, patterns and blockages

        Identifying physical imbalances and anticipating symptoms

        Analyzing chemical element imbalances and possible physical correlations

        Developing healing plans based on session analysis

        Understanding transitory vs. chronic imbalances in natural and chemical elements

        Identifying correlating emotional symptoms and patterns

        Identifying the proper tools & homework for clients to continue the healing work after a session



    The study of chemical mineralogy is critical to the Crystal Resonance Therapist. Understanding what chemical elements are active in a client's profile and healing session can reveal deep information about their physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It is through this study of chemical mineralogy that we can understand how best to facilitate a client in coming into balance and wholeness, as well as helping them to understand how imbalances may progress into disease if untreated.


        The Chemical Elements

        The role of minerals and trace elements in physical health and well-being

        Crystals and stones as vibrational proxies for nutritional minerals

        How crystals and stones can and can't address nutritional mineral imbalances


    Geology & Crystalography

    Understanding the basics of how crystals and minerals develop can assist you in appreciating them more fully and utilizing them more effectively. In the geology and crystalography module we'll study how different types of minerals, crystals, and rocks form.


        Minerals, Crystals and Rocks: How they form and what they are

        The Bravais lattices and crystalline structure

        Minerals as resonant oscillators

        Basic geology and the structure of the Earth's crust


    Experiential Anatomy & Physiology

    You wouldn't take your car to a mechanic that had never studied how an engine works. Why would you go to a healer who knows nothing of the human body? In the Experiential Anatomy section you'll explore the body through resonance, coloring, and meditative exploration to gain a deeper understanding of how it feels, how it works, and how crystals and stones vibrate in resonance with various physical systems. This is not medical anatomy and no memorization is required. This is experiential anatomy that will assist you in clearing and communing with your Human Crystal.


        The structure of the human crystal

        Vibrational profiles of various physical systems

        Elemental correlations for anatomical and physiological systems

        Crystal correlations for anatomical and physiological systems

        Vocal toning and the physical structure

        Chakra correlations in the nervous system


    Vibrational Channeling

    A primary tool of the Crystal Resonance Therapist is their ability to utilize their own human crystal as a vibrational oscillator and to direct that vibration to affect a client's energy field and body.


        Crystal Heart Resonance practices to train practitioners in channeling stone vibrations through their human crystal

        Advanced elemental ally training to allow practitioners to channel elemental freqeuncies through their human crystal

        Learning to channel stone energies from the EMF of the Earth itself without having a stone present


    Healing Ethics

    The ethics of a healing practice is an important subject for anyone undertaking healing as a profession. You can do harm with good intentions if you are unaware of, or do not practice, proper healing ethics.

        The new healing paradigm: Beyond the "Healer" / "Client" polarity

        Draping practices

        Proper boundary setting and maintenance with clients

        How to deal with "lazy" clients

        Refusing attempts by clients to give you their power

        Educating clients to take responsibility for the healing process


    Creating a Clinical Practice

    The brass tacks of running a healing practice can either make or break your professional career. In this module we'll explore the "back end" of setting up a healing practice including:


        Identifying your financial needs from your practice

        Determining your fee structure and "break even" client numbers

        Scheduling practices

        Sliding scale fees, free clinics, service work and other ways to help those in need

        Preventing burn-out by developing side-line income streams that take the pressure off your professional practice


        Record keeping

        Insurance and Taxes

        Advertising and marketing your practice

        Networking and referrals


    Upon completion of the course, you will have everything you need to begin a professional practice in CRT and to practice in an ethical and effective way.



    Course tuition is $2500. This includes all materials and instruction, including instruction at the three day retreat. It does not include travel to and lodging for the retreat.

    Applicants must have a recommendation for further study from their BHC instructor, and be certified in the Primus Activation Healing Technique.



    After completing the BHC and PAHT training, contact the Institute to apply to study with Naisha in the clinical level.


    2014 Clinical Level Start Dates:

    Saturday, August 16th @ 12 noon ET

    Tuesday, November 18th @8 pm ET



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